What the Hell is a Bot? Explained.

You’ve probably heard a ton about bots lately. How they are the next big THING, that bots have replaced apps.

‘What the hell is a bot’ has now replaced the question ‘what is a Facebook Pixel’… hallelujah!

Way back in 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19b (yes B) $19 Billion Dollars.

When Facebook makes an aggressive acquisition such as this you bet Zucks has MAJOR plans for it.

At the F8 conference, his vision became clear, and it’s big.

But in true tech fashion, the announcement was overshadowed by the hype of AR (Augmented Reality).

Eyes on the prize people.

What is a bot?

Think of a bot as a robot, and think of a robot as a virtual assistant. A true virtual assistant.

Take Siri for example, Siri is actually a bot.


Typically, bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone. - Thanks, wiki.

BIG bots like Siri are called AI (artificial Intelligence) Bots.


Facebook Messenger Bots are an entirely different Bot.

Facebook has their own Ready-to-Use Bot Platform for the world to utilise…. Facebook Messenger. *watttt crowd loses their minds*

Facebook Messenger Bots are marketing, sales, customer service tools all rolled into one. 

Right there. Inside of your Facebook Messenger.

Think of Facebook Messenger Bots as a mix between a website, live chat, a landing page and email marketing.

Messenger Bots that are automated/programmed into a sequence of events/actions inside of your Facebook Messenger.

Each new action is triggered by the previous action.  

Feel free to take a moment to let this all sink in…….

What’s Next?

With above thinking, let's discuss how bots can work for a small business.

  • “Live” Chat  - your bot can be programmed to automatically send a welcome message and provide a list of options for the user such as View Content, Make Purchase, Enquire, Speak to a Human.
  • Landing Pages - your bot can delivery your lead magnet and even send a follow-up message THEN add the user to specify list based the given actions.
  • Communication Automation - your bot can be configured to send messages in a sequence based on a previous action by the user.  

All inside of Facebook Messenger.

Logically, you both want and realistically need to communicate where people are hanging out - that place is now inside Facebook Messenger.

“Messaging is where we spend a ton of our time and expect to communicate. It is ridiculous we still have to call most businesses.” — Josh Elman

We are at the beginning of something new, exciting and promising.

Want to see a live examples of Facebook Messenger Bots…. Stay tuned.