Bots vs Apps

Many brands rushed to build an app.

Intending to build the sharpest, sleekest, most cutting edge technology on the market.

They wanted to innovate and create a competitive edge, breaking through what the ultimately saw as a fresh way to stand out in a crowded market.  

And their theory was totally justifiable.


WARNING: Being at the forefront of change and ahead of the digital curve means one must live in permanent beta.

Brands were not wrong to go out and invest into an app, for some brands, especially those in e-comm or heavily searched space the introduction of apps were and still are revolutionary, fundamental and extremely lucrative.

Still thinking about an app?


  1. Take out your iPhone and look at the apps.

  2. Now compare the apps used vs the apps lurking 3 pages back

  3. Now look for the common theme between 1st, 2nd, 3rd page apps


  • Where does or would your app fit?
  • How does it compare to the life-line-like apps above....

For the brands who shelled out a tonne of time and money on building an app that sits somewhere sad, beyond the 3rd or 4th page - don't be discouraged.

Not all is lost, innovation and new digital mindset is key.


Equally as revolutionary to the digital world is the introduction of Bots, of which the same fundamental principles apply as when designing an app.

Technology must be a natural extension of the human brain. It must be highly productive, intuitive, intelligent, helpful and most importantly rewarding.

The key point of understanding here is to pivot and apply app data to a bot.

It's all about the user experience.

Apps have served their purpose well and will continue to be a huge part of the digital evolution.

However, when it comes to the ultimate user experience, delivery and exceeding your customers wildest expectations… it’s Bots Bots Baby.

Bots do not replace the humans- they enhance the human experience.