Don't Rely On Facebook Ads

That gravy train has left the station.

“Be your own publishing agency first and business owner second”.

The ever so inspiring Gary Vee was cracking on about this today. 

I’ve heard him preach this concept for months but with 95% of Facebook marketers having seen their results slipping lately.

This theory is now a reality.

Owning a Facebook Agency means this concept has flipped the script on how we run our clients ad accounts too.

So trust me when I say, do not solely rely on Facebook Ads to launch or grow your business. Again, unless this is already working for you.


1. You need to ask for attention before you ask for anything else.

Show up on social media, mingle and foster valuable conversations through your content. Give value by giving everything you have. You know it, get rid of it and make room for even more.

Give, give, give.

2. Unique (no-bullshit) content is King.

Your content needs: a headline, sub-headline, image, intro, body, CTA, conclusion. Plus there’s a need for a link to the next article + catchy Facebook Copy that speaks directly to the audience and the article.

3. Content again. Again and Again.

People have moved away from concept content to how-to content. People don’t want to just be entrepreneurs, they want you to show them HOW to be an entrepreneur.

4. Share other people’s content too.

Saved posts, memes, Buzz-Feed, get inspired by your competition and share.

5. Facebook Live, Facebook Groups, Q&A. Yes, Yes, Yes.

Nothing should get you in front of a camera quicker than getting a quote to have a fancy-smacy custom video made. Live it loud, live it (Facebook) live.

Groups are super hot right now too. 

6. Be Entertaining. Yup.

Actually be social and entertain people. If you’re not funny or entertaining then at least be authentic, show the real you and hope that people connect

(and no your mum doesn’t count.  Stop it Brenda.)

7. Boost your posts.

Get some likes first a.k.a. social proof then boost. Don’t stop there boost others people’s posts too. Boost boost boost.

8. Go beyond social media.

If you’re a product based business then get your physical stuff out there.

If you're a services based business.. PICK UP THE PHONE.

Finally, Facebook ads without a content plan in place can be expensive.

Facebook and its people want to see that you're the real deal. 

With real and relevant content being produced and shared, Zucks will reward you with cheaper ads.

Personally I have seen Facebook CPL jump 150% in the last 12 months and this is only going increase. 

So, DO get out there, DO Facebook ads and be your amazing self. 

Just don't reply on ads to do all the selling.