Shiny Object Syndrome

After you suffering from Shiny object syndrome?

I’m looking at you, online courses.

Endless ‘Free’ webinars, newsletter opt-ins, email marketing sales funnels, videos series’ and the e-books…oh for the love of e-books! 

This madness has to stop - we’re all looking for that once pieces of the puzzle, the ‘secret’ blueprint, that formula… that ONE thing we think will make it all come together, and make us ‘RICH I tell you, RICH!'


Our intentions are good. 

But in the midst of the downloading, opt-in in and subscribing, we lose ourselves. We miss the whole point of being a student, a pre- entrepreneur. 

*Insert EVERY no shortcut to success cliche* Because they’re true!

There are MANY ways to climb that mountain. You just have to stay focussed on YOUR own path.

What do you need to learn right now... what makes sense....

Put your blinders on. Learn what you need to get from A to B, C to D etc.

One cure for Shiny Object Syndrome?... A digital detox

So before you go buying that shiny new online course... that course you MUST buy because it’s actually going to change your life, wait.... don’t buy straight away… sleep on it. 

Do your research and ask yourself the following...

  1. Am I able to schedule enough time to complete the course?
  2. Am I sure I can not find this content online for free?
  3. Is this course going to help me make money?
  4. Does this course offer a 30 day money back guarantee?
  5. Will I have lifetime access to the course content?

If you answered YES, then buy the freakin course and COMMIT to it.

If not you’ll be much wiser and richer ;) 

Ciao Ciao.

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