Social Media Avatar

In the world of Facebook Advertising, targeting reigns supreme.

Content aside, targeting is the most important aspect of your advertising strategy and rightfully deserves your undivided attention.  

This is not a Social Media Avatar.

This is not a Social Media Avatar.

Facebook Advertising done right will maximise reach and return on investment and eliminate excess costs that serve only to eat up your budget.

There are roughly 2 billion active Facebook Users and it is getting pretty noisy.

The Facebook Algorithm functions to appeal to the right people at the right time and it is up to you to make sure you create the RIGHT content at the RIGHT time to create an all round win.

Facebook allows advertisers to zero in on a small, specific, micro-targeted audience which is awesome.

“To market a product or service properly, the first thing you must do is get clear on WHO your ideal customer is, where they are hanging out, what their challenges are…” - Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer

A key element of all Facebook advertising strategies should be your ideal customer which we are going to call a social media avatar.


Social Media Avatars are created when we incorporate the following categories, all of which Facebook allows you to target based on:

  • Demographics: based on the content that people have shared about themselves in their Facebook profiles.
  • Interests: based on information people have added to their timelines, keywords associated with the Pages they like or apps they is, adds they’ve clicked on, and other similar sources.
  • Behaviours: based on the activities people do on or off of Facebook, providing information regarding the type of device they’re using, purchase behaviours and intents, travel preferences, and more.
  • Connections: based on those who already have a relationship with you, whether it’s that the liked your page, joined your event, or used your app. You also have the capability to target their friends.
  • Re-targeting: based on information you already have on prospects and current customers, allowing you to retarget them. You must have a pixel uploaded on your website, however, to utilise this targeting category.


  • Melbournian
  • Aged 30-65
  • House Wife
  • Shops at Harrods or Net-A-Porter
  • Has an Amex Card
  • Spent money in the last seven days

 Here's what this might look like in Ads Manager:

Yes, you've created Gina. 

When it comes to developing Social Media Avatars, we need to creep deeper than we have ever crept before!

We need to go beyond the snore-ville Roy Morgan statistics. We’re not talking to an entire market segment…. We’re talking to just ONE person.

Get your inner stalker on…


General Audience Research Inspo

  • What social media influencers do they follow
  • What news sites do they read
  • What TV shows do they watch, religiously
  • What business blogs/pages do they read
  • What industries do they follow
  • What INTERESTS do they have/share
  • What brands do they wear
  • What brands do they aspire to wear
  • TIP: Use Facebook to stalk you target audiences….

Facebook Audience Research

Find industry related pages, choosing those with the greatest number of likes.

  • Google your ‘Industry’ e.g. Best ‘Yoga Studio’ or Top ‘Motivational Speakers’
  • Find their website and then locate their Facebook Page
  • Once you LIKE the page, Facebook will suggest OTHER similar pages*
  • Right Click Open in a new tab, view the page and make sure it’s relevant to your brand
  • Repeat this process
  • Open the Attached spread start, Add Facebook URL, #likes, etc

*check for pages that have over 5,000 likes

If you’ve already liked a page, simply unlike, refresh your page and like again.


If you’ve had you Facebook page for some time, chances are you will have tonne of audience data just waiting for you.

Here are some examples of audiences that you can build.

First Party Audiences

  • People who follow you
  • Friends of People who follow you
  • People who have visited your website
  • People who have watched your videos (even for a certain amount of time)
  • People who follow specific pages
  • People who work in certain industries
  • People who’ve just experienced a life event (baby, engagement, wedding, divorce!)


Facebook page audience retargeting

  • Engaged with your page during the last year
  • Visited your page during the last year
  • Engaged with any post or ad during the last year
  • Clicked any call-to-action button during the last year
  • Sent a message to your Page during the last year
  • Saved your Page or any post during the last year

Social Media Avatars will shape the foundation of your strategy, guiding the social media experience.

Focus your attention and you will be rewarded with tangible results.