Stop Outsourcing. Now.

Does this sound familiar? 

  • I need to outsource because I’m so busy.
  • I need to outsource so I can scale.
  • I need to outsource so I can grow.

And drum roll my personal favourite…” I need to outsource so I can work on my business instead of in my business.”


I’m calling bullshit on all of this.

You don’t need to outsource, you need Jesus.

But really… you need to suck it up, work harder and smarter.

You need to believe in your ability.


You built this bitch.

Get yourself organised.

Roll up you’ve sleeves, evoke your inner distraction ninja, turn off your notifications, make yourself a giant cup of ‘get the fuk outta my way’ coffee and work.

No Chantel, I  REALLY need help?

Then hire a freakin admin/operations assistant first.

Because honey boo boo, if you’re drowning in work and you’re sahhhh busy… then you sure as hell won’t have time to outsource PROPERLY and/or recruit, hire, onboard and task up your staff.

You wanted this…. You’ve created this…. Now you gotta werq werq werq.

You’ve got this.