Top 3 Tools for Your Agency

Let’s be honest who in this day and age has any spare time - not me!

Never able to resist the temptation to pass on a task, recently I have found my obsession with all things tools growing a little out of control. I just cannot seem to justify dedicating time and effort to a task that can be done for me.

That is why I have collected my knowledge acquired from years of trying (and failing) hundreds of tools.

 Let’s all agree that nothing is more frustrating than signing up, testing and learning how to use a tool, only to find out it is a dud or its missing that ONE crucial feature.

 *Im looking at you*

 Hence, that is why I have compiled a list of tools I just can’t live without.

1. Teamwork

Teamwork is easily the most effective project management tool that I have come across - these guys have literally thought of everything and more.

Granted the software does take a bit of effort to put together but if you are prepared to dedicate the time you will reap the rewards.

Personally my favourite feature of this tool, is the ability for both my team and my clients to collaborate together. Here I outline exactly what I need from clients and at what point in the project I need it by.  

We all know how frustrating it can be constantly waiting to receive confirmation from clients and the delays that this causes. I like many other business owners value my time and Teamwork allows me to communicate urgency, track the project and highlight to clients my expectations.  


  • Project Management (with Microsoft project import/export)
  • Time tracking at several entry points dashboard, weekly view, issues, start and stop buttons
  • Resource planning with weekly/montly view, workload review, unavailability from agenda
  • Issue tracking, e-mail intergration, task dedicated inboxes
  • Dashboard configuration
  • Message boards
  • Meeting and minute management
  • Agenda
  • Mobile Ap

 COST: $60 AUD a month

2. Pandadoc

I’m a visual person and nothing appeals more to me than a sleek looking document - I mean who cares what it says as long as it looks good right?

Content is easily lost in a document that is boring to look at and that is why for me I rely so heavily on Pandadoc when formatting my proposals.

Pandadoc is a program that allows you to build documents with built in e-signature software. So not only can you get really creative but your documents can be sent, received and signed all through the internet and it’s completely legally binding.

This cuts down the process in half - no more sending of documents through the mail and waiting for signatures, it can all be done in a matter of minutes. Plus it is all kept conveniently within the program.  

Another handy feature of Pandadoc is “tokens”, which allow you to set up information such as names/address/dates automatically without having to constantly alter templates. Even better is Panda Docs integrations with CRM tools which allows all this to happen automatically - what a time to be alive.


  • Built in e-signatures
  • Workflow management
  • Document builder
  • CPQ functionality

COST: $39 AUD a month  

3. Zapier

 A lazy person’s best friend, Zapier will save you so much time. Zapier provides workflows to automate the use of web applications together. It is often described as a translator between web APIs.

So basically Zapier allows you to automate a process between websites, for example I used Zapier to save client information entered into my booking tool straight to my CRM which obviously eliminates a lot of hassle.

Set up correctly, Zapier can ultimately replace a lot of the boring tasks normally provided by an employee, freeing up their time to be put to better use doing something they enjoy!


  • Start workflows from any app by picking a trigger that starts your "Zap" workflow
  • Finish routine tasks automatically using workflows
  • Create Zap workflows using fill in the blank forms in a web page

COST: Free Basic Plan (how can you say no)

You're Welcome!